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Xu Ding (许丁, Xǔ Dīng) is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. He is a friend of Cheng Ke and offers him assistance particularly in regards to his sand painting endeavours.


26, 185cm tall, he is a company veteran where they have a professional design company. Appreciating Cheng's painting, he also runs an art exhibition.


Xu had been messaging Cheng on the falling out with his family. He calls Cheng as he uses his app on Jiang's phone.

As a company president, he has spoken to a receptionist at the X10 building who present Cheng a key to an apartment.[1]

On the phone as he is handed a key from Cheng, he then informs another caller that he is at the entrance. Having been messaging him, Xu meets Cheng to eat where he is seated with Jiang, Chen and other members of the gang, Ah-Liang and Da Bing.

Stating that he declined eating with Liu, he asks Cheng whether he is going to accept the bar that his brother transferred to him.[2]

Over the phone, Xu replies he did not tell Cheng Yi where Cheng Ke was living now. Meeting him at a bar, he says the project was going well so cannot understand why Cheng's father made him leave.[3]

At night he calls Cheng and having seen the performance plan for tomorrow's exhibition, he tells Cheng that it will be relying on his sand-painting. Stating that he might be a bit busy, Xu tells Cheng to come and find him when he arrives.

Finding Cheng Yu with Jiang outside, Xu invites the latter into the art exhibition at the behest of Cheng Ke. Afterwards, he informs Cheng that a few collaborators would like to meet him, and then that Cheng Yi was outside.[4] Calling Cheng they meet in person after Cheng's art project became an online hit. Collaborators are waiting and Xu informs Cheng that sand painting really can become his profession. He is currently working on an art themed restaurant [5]


Kind natured, he done what he could to help Cheng after he moved out. He has an interest in art and does not judge the new company Cheng keeps.


He has long yellow hair the back of which reaches to his shoulders, and red eyes. For clothing Xu wears a beige colored jacket over a white collared shirt with a maroon tie.


Cheng Ke[]

He is the only person in the world at first who provides Cheng with shelter and assistance and says if Cheng needs help then to call him at any time. Xu encourages him to keep up his sand paintings and that there is a collaboration that he wants to invite Cheng to.

Jiang YuDuo[]

Introduced as Cheng's landlord when Xu meets him at a restaurant, he voices that Jiang seems interesting.

Chen Qing[]

An accomplice of Jiang's who he meets at a restaurant.

Liu TianCheng[]

Receiving a message from him, Xu rejected his offer to dine with him even though they have business dealings with one another.

Xiao Zhang[]


A member of Jiang's gang.

Da Bing[]

Another member of Jiang's gang.

Cheng Yi[]

He was aware first that Yi was going to give his brother, Ke, a bar to manage. Whilst he did not invite him to the art exhibition, Xu reveals to Cheng Ke how he turned up anyway.

Shou Hou[]

Ba Pie[]