Xiao Zhang (小张, Xiǎo Zhāng) is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. He works as an estate agent who arranges for Cheng Ke to move into an apartment Jiang YuDuo helps manage.


At some point he came to work as an estate agent.


Episode 1

Xiao is handing flyers outside a housing agency where he approaches Cheng to suggest apartments for sale, relaying the ones available on a tablet device. Travelling by moped he explains the requirements for they one they are heading to includes renters are to have a real job, keep clean and have an ethical life, with no lovers allowed over. Arriving at the apartment he talks at length about the benefits then calls to announce that sister Qian’s apartment has finally been rented, gleeful that an artist, single, who did not even bargain the price is the person who wants it.

Episode 2

When Jiang arrives, he evidently notices the tension between him and Cheng and asks if they know each other. He answers Jiang to sign his name, not the owners, and asks if sister Qian did not give the apartment to him.


Enthusiastic, he detailed the various apartments on offer and apologizes for losing his composure after getting carried away with the descriptions. He comments that it is hard to find a renter who is not picky.


He has red hair in a bowl cut style with the lower back of his hair shaved.


Jiang YuDuo

Having been in contact with him before, Xiao calls to tell him the apartment has rented and helps him fill out the forms.

Cheng Ke

Eager to help him rent a property, he asks what his occupation is and requires clarification to discern what a sand painter is. He is pleased to have found someone that matches the criteria for an apartment to rent.

Chen Qing

He comes across him when Chen arrives with Jiang.


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