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Qian is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. She is Jiang YuDuo's sister who manages and rents properties.



Qian is going through the issues some properties are facing, to instructing Jiang and Chen to chase those out who have not paid rent. Handed the months rent accounts, with the spare key to the new apartment that has been occupied, she relaxes her tone to invite them to eat as she gives some chicken to her pet husky.


Business oriented, she is not running a charity when it comes to those who cannot pay rent. She does show kindness when there are not pressing matters at hand.


She has long blond hair that is curled as a result of hair rollers, and violet eyes.


Jiang YuDuo

Her brother who manages her properties. Affectionately observing him, she wonders why this night owl is sleeping so early.

Cheng Ke

Hearing that he has an incredibly expensive watch yet searches through bins, Qian assumes he is a rich second generational person.

Chen Qing

A member of Jiang's gang who assists him in her activities. She mentions that he lays down after eating, when he should be cleaning up.

Liu TianCheng

Xu Ding

Xiao Zhang


Cheng Yi

Shou Hou

Ba Pie