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The Jie Yao light novel was written by Wu Zhe and is what the Jie Yao donghua adapts. It is originally a BL (Boys Love) web novel, though the donghua censors and removes a huge amount of homosexual content due to chinese censorship.


Cheng Ke is the older son of a wealthy family who is thrown out of his house, and decides to pursue his passion for sand painting. He takes up residence at an apartment who's landlord is the infamous gang leader Jiang Yuduo, who he had just met and exchanged punches with the day before.

Table of Contents[]

Total chapters: 99 + 3 Extras


Cheng Ke, a sand painter by profession, is the older son of a wealthy family who's been thrown out. Jiang Yuduo is a dangerous gang leader with a traumatising past that still haunts him. Starting out as strangers whose first interaction was an exchange of punches over a trash can, they coincidentally become landlord and tenant, and start forming an unlikely friendship. After an accidental kiss, they find out even more about each other as they become closer and help each other through their personal quests on healing and new beginnings.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Cheng Ke

Jiang YuDuo


Chen Qing

Cheng Yi