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Jiang YuDuo is one of the main characters in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. He is a gang leader who comes across Cheng Ke and decides to help him after learning of his background.


A leader of a gang, Jiang suffers from insomnia and finds it difficult to establish close relationships with others. He has a traumatising past and no previous education experience. Jiang works as as a rent collector for his older sister as well as in a restaurant. He decides to help Cheng after learning of his background. When he was thirteen he came across Chen being pushed into a river after two boys had used some rope to tie a boulder to him. Jiang dived in and rescued Chen.


Jiang is preparing vegetables in a restaurant before being ordered to take the trash out, all he feels he does is cleaning. During the evening outside the trash cans of a restaurant, Jiang sees Cheng knock over the trash can near a kitten, and he runs up and strikes him. Engaging in a fight, he tells his friend Chen enough when he arrives and to give the bat to him. He uses that to check the trash for the cat hiding within.

Throwing a wallet to Cheng Ke, he asks if this is what he was looking for and then says that he does not think he has seen him around here before. Jiang writes his own number on some paper and presents it as his card, that if he needs help he can call him.

Sending Chen just to follow him but not to rob only monitor, he later answers his call then asks if something happened to Cheng. He shouts not to reveal that they are discussing him when Cheng is right next to him.

Meeting him in person, he says Cheng being here is suspicious before offering his phone to use. As he leaves, Jiang asks if one little thank you enough then catches the watch Cheng throws to him.

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Receiving a call from estate agent Xiao, he arrives at a property to be rented to find Cheng is the one who would like it.[1]

Denying that he knows Cheng, Jiang enquires if Xiao told him all the requirements. These are that only Cheng can use the apartment with no animals, and no other people allowed. If he wants to change anything, Cheng should ask him first, and finally Jiang says for him not to change the locks.

Wondering if he signs his name or the owners, he then asks Cheng if he has his number. Thanking Xiao for his work, once he leaves he addresses Cheng to tell him that he does not know his motive, but if he wants to back out he can.

Driven to the supermarket, he finds Cheng there and tells Chen not to call him "Ji Jia", a reference to the expensive watch he had, anymore. He sees Cheng is buying a large amount of shower gel before suggesting they go take a look, and wonders why he did not use the shopping trolley right at the entrance.

With his cat at home, he is called by Cheng and guides him in how to turn the water heater on. When the elevator opens in Cheng's apartment complex, possessing a head injury Jiang asks to use his first aid kit he placed in the TV cabinet. Jiang says sorry after it was implied he would have entered the property if Cheng were out, it is just that here was nearest but it will not happen again.

Walking through the streets, he approaches Cheng who is speaking to other then asks whether he is eating and does he want to go together. Jiang pushes one of Yi's accomplices out the way as he heads into the restaurant. Stating it is not allowed for Cheng to leave since he already accepted the invitation, Jiang says for him to bring the friend he is meeting here. Spotting him enter as well, Jiang asks if that was Cheng's older brother at the entrance.

After Xu joins them to eat then leaves, Jiang hears from Da Bing that Shou Hou has been captured by his employer, Ba Pie and he orders Cheng to go home, then for his gang to head to the garage where the hostages are. With members captured, he offers the terms to fight one on one and if Ba Pie wins he can be the gang leader of this turf, if he wins he has to pay the wages he owes.[2]

Being driven by Chen, he answers Cheng's call that he can buy a new water faucet and that he will come and install it later. After doing that, Jiang asks whether the 580 Benz at the entrance has anything to do with Cheng. Hazarding a guess that Cheng cannot answer out of guilt, he then advises Cheng to stay away from his brother, that he has seen more bad guys than he can imagine. Although he returns Cheng's watch to him, he is told to keep or sell it.

Meeting with his sister, he hands her the rent accounts for the month before they eat together. After falling asleep, he is contacted by Cheng who has forgotten his keys to which Jiang tells him he can come over. Awaiting him, he prepares the sofa for himself and tells Cheng he can use the bed. On his phone and with his cat keeping him company, Jiang hears Cheng crying. Joining him, Jiang suggests they talk since they both cannot sleep.

He asks him to tell the truth of who he was speaking to outside the apartment, and then what sand painting is. Providing salt, he asks Cheng to demonstrate it. Deeply impressed, he shows it before telling Cheng not to listen to his father's words that sand painting is not honest work. Artistry like Cheng's cannot just be thrown away before he raises the time Xu wanted Cheng's work to be part of an art exhibition to which Jiang says Cheng has to go.

In the morning, Jiang runs across the road and calls back for Chen to take Cheng and not follow no matter what. Walking through an alleyway, he is found with blood trickling down his right arm.[3]

Having his hand bandaged by Chen, Jiang only repeats that "they" saw Cheng and insists on doing things his way in following Cheng to escort him back to his place. Jiang receives takeaway food agreeing to leave a positive review and eats it outside, answering Cheng's call that it is none of his business why he is waiting in front of his apartment. Jiang stays in the snow as he keeps watch until Cheng places a scarf around him and pulls him inside from the cold. Within, he helps Cheng with the duvet cover and attaching a pillow case. Explaining that he was seated on the bench since a woman saw him in the foyer and reported him to the police, Jiang asks Cheng if he looks like a criminal. Tucked into the covers on the couch, Jiang puts his high body temperature down to being made of fire, rather than the effects of a fever. Taking Cheng's arm as he leaves to buy medicine, Jiang tells him that pharmacies would be closed and sleeping it off is how he has resolved fevers before.

Waking to his phone ringing, he informs Cheng that Chen will be bringing breakfast over. With Cheng having to leave for his exhibition, Jiang states he is going as well. Although the receptionist states that he cannot enter since the event is invitation only, Jiang says it is fine if he waits outside. There he finds Cheng Yi and declines his offer to go in with him since he does not mind the cold. Walking into Cheng Yu as he tells him to move, Jiang also orders him not to sneak round his territory.

Afforded access to the exhibition when Cheng sent Xu to retrieve him, Jiang watches Cheng display his sand art within. Seeing that he is the subject of a sand art creation, Jiang wonders what Cheng is doing, on whether he is playing with him on purpose.[4]

With Cheng and surrounded by gang members including Ba Pie he fights them and orders Cheng to run and call the police. Struck with crowbars he throws the one he has acquired to allow Cheng to escape. Remembering his left his pocket knife at home to enter the art gallery Jiang grapples to takes Ba Pie's and with him overpowered Jiang states he does not want to see him again. As Jiang strangles the gang member who was attacking Cheng he lets him go and states he would not have killed him when Cheng verbally intervenes. Protesting at being driven to hospital he has to be forcibly taken in by Cheng and Chen. Calmed by Cheng he has his injuries tended to. At home he apologizes for getting Cheng involved with this but he cannot refrain from following him around anymore with gang members aware of him. With the doorbell ringing and seeing it is Cheng's brother and mother he asks if there is a place he should hide. He introduces himself as Cheng's landlord and for his injuries Jiang gives the excuse that he is a handyman. Jiang prepares tea as they talk. Afterwards he explains to Cheng he only said he was his landlord otherwise his mother would be worried sick if she found out her son was friends with someone like him. With Cheng having forgotten his key Jiang notices he is shivering and passes his coat to him.

At a restaurant Jiang raises that Cheng said he was angry since Jiang mentioned he was not his friend. Stating they are important to him Jiang refers to his gang members that as friends if they do not care about him then he will not care about them, however there has never been anyone like Cheng. Others would have told him once he starts Jiang has to continue to the end yet Cheng was concerned at him using too much violence in their fight before. Outside Jiang is concerned for Cheng after a car speeds near him. Standing guard on the apartment balcony he enters to sleep after Cheng is worried for his health. On the couch Jiang has a vivid nightmare of bleeding in the alley with Ba Pie and other gang members laying deceased around him. Cheng then lurches towards him, eyes rolling and bites him before Jiang rises from the couch to strangle the real Cheng.[5]

This continues with Jiang unresponsive to Cheng voicing it is him as he sees the thing being strangled as a red eyed shadow based monster. Tears rolls down Jiang's face yet after being kicked away by Cheng he continue to hit him before slumping unconscious to the ground. Waking to Chen near him Jiang tends to his shoulder then retrieves his phone as he asks if Cheng is hurt anywhere else. After stating that Cheng is to speak with Chen for rent and maintenance matters Jiang simply leaves. Called by


Although quick to engage in fights, it is often done to defend others. He is fond of cats, using his coat to keep one warm when recovering it. He is extremely blunt and straight forward, and often teases Cheng Ke for not being able to do normal things like turning on stoves. He thinks to check for an identify card inside a wallet, before handing it back, and offers his protection to Cheng that he just met. His attention to detail extends to noticing a wristwatch and being knowledgable of what make it is, to also noting the registration plate of a car and aware what kind it is. Having young master Cheng call him third bro makes Jiang feel uncomfortable. He expresses the view that men willing to bet are willing to lose. Having an aversion to hospitals Jiang considers exiting a moving vehicle to avoid going and expresses he is scared of them. With Cheng's mother visiting he thinks to hide.


The sides and back of his hair are shaved, with the length on top short yet longer in comparison. Jiang has a vertical scar on the outward end on his left eyebrow and a horizontal one underneath. His body is littered with scars


Cheng Ke[]

He says he does not look like a homeless person, more like the young master of some family. Aware of his background, Jiang takes an interest in him out of concern for his wellbeing. After helping him activate the water heater, Jiang praises Cheng as being way more competent than his neighbour's three year old. He asks if Cheng's identity card is real since he cannot believe that he is twenty seven, then if there was someone who would help change his clothes before he went to sleep. Helping Cheng from an interaction with his brother, Jiang tells him to not address him as third brother. He addresses Cheng as young master and speaks until he is at ease after he was crying, but insisting he was not. Giving his coat for Cheng to wear Jiang takes him to a restaurant and voices it is sad that Cheng feels he does not have a close friend before saying he will let Cheng call himself his friend.

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Chen Qing[]

His driver and guard of sorts, Jiang speaks his mind around him and does not hesitate to shout, such as when he demanded that he just drive the car in peace. In one instance of trying to silence him, Jiang accuses him of being a spraying machine stating that there is rice all over the table. With Chen failing to keep Cheng back like he ordered, Jiang states he will deal with him later. That Chen says Jiang is made of fire appears to be a factor to him stating that he is not afraid of the cold.

Lu Qian[]

Lu Qian is his adoptive sister who took him in when he ran away from his original home as a child. He manages his sister's properties, and tells her that Cheng lives like he is disabled.

Liu TianCheng[]

Xu Ding[]

Cheng's friend who he invites to eat with them.

Xiao Zhang[]

A real estate agent who rents the apartment he is managing to Cheng.


One of his little brothers, who he states Xu would probably not remember even if he introduced him.

Da Bing[]

He instructs this member of his gang to tell the truth when he gives an alibi for having to depart.

Cheng Yi[]

Guessing he is Ke's younger brother due to their similar appearance, Jiang assumed Yi was the older brother. Further that he succeeded over Ke as Jiang considered there are some rich families who have children in secret to snatch the family fortune. He considers him untrustworthy and says he is a hypocrite when speaking to him.

Shou Hou[]

Ba Pie[]

Rival gang in their area.