This is the fifth episode of the Jie Yao (Antidote) anime.

Characters in Order of Appearance


Surrounded Jiang punches away Ba Pie's gang member who are assailing him with crowbars and orders Cheng to run. Unable to leave Cheng returns and the distraction allows Jiang to prevail over Ba Pie who wields a pocket knife. Joining Chen Qing in the car they attend hospital to have injuries bandaged.

At hime Jiang apologizes for getting Cheng mixed up in this and thinks Ba Pie will have marked him as an enemy due to his actions. The doorbell rings and Cheng Yi with his mother arrives to attempt to persuade Cheng Ke to return home. His brother adds that all Cheng Ke would need to do is admit that he was wrong to his father.

After declining Jiang clarifies with Cheng that he introduced himself as his landlord since otherwise Cheng's mother would be worried if she thought he was friends with someone like him. Offering his coat to Cheng they head to a seafood restaurant where Cheng mentions that he does not have friends like Jiang does. Whilst Jiang is loyal to his friends so long as they are loyal to him with Cheng he says it is different. Outside a speeding car draws near to him and Jiang is suspicious they are being targeted.

Returning to the apartment Jiang stands watch on the balcony and only returns inside at Cheng's insistence. As they are sleeping Jiang is haunted by a nightmare of Ba Pie and the others lying around him as he is dripping with blood. A visage of Cheng appears with a demented look on his face who also has large teeth then advances. As Cheng tries to wake Jiang up the latter proceeds to choke Cheng.

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