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This is the fourth episode of the Jie Yao (Antidote) anime. Cheng finds Jiang waiting outside and brings him in from the snow. He also ensures Jiang can attend his sand art exhibition.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


After having his hand bandaged, Jiang escorts Cheng back to his apartment. With snow due, Cheng is sketching on a tablet device as he receives a call from Xu about the exhibition tomorrow.

Heading to the balcony, Cheng sees someone deliver a food package to Jiang then calls to ask what he is doing in front of his home. With it snowing, Cheng brings him inside then finds that Jiang has a fever.

After watching over him in the night, Jiang is woken by a call from Chen. Cheng and Jiang then head to the exhibition yet the receptionist states it is an invitation only event.

Jiang waits outside and finds Cheng Yi there. He is then afforded access to the art exhibition when Xu arrives to get him.

There, Cheng is creating sand art that is displayed on the room walls using cameras' He creates a depiction of Jiang using sand.

Afterwards, Cheng declines Xu's offer to meet collaborators in favour of being wit Jiang, explaining to everyone that he is still sick. Walking through an alley, Jiang has his suspicions confirmed that they are being followed as rival gang members surround them.