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This is the third episode of the Jie Yao (Antidote) anime. Jiang and Chen discuss business with Qian. After meeting Xu at a bar, Cheng is invited to stay at Jiang's for the night where he demonstrates his sand painting.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


Arriving with Chen, Jiang amends the water faucet in Cheng's apartment aware that his brother is waiting outside. Jiang then hands Cheng his watch back before being told to keep or sell it since the watch was a gift from Cheng Yi.

Calling Xu, Cheng meets with him at a bar but is not in the mood to discuss the circumstances of him leaving the family home.

Both Jiang and Chen exchange updates with Qian on the properties being rented before they eat together. Afterwards, Jiang is called by Cheng who has forgotten his keys at home and he invites him over to his apartment. Cheng opts for the couch even when Jiang offers the bed and for him to sleep on the couch. When he begins crying in the night, Jiang joins him to talk.

With the topic moving to sand painting, Cheng demonstrates it using the salt available and creates a depiction of Jiang's cat "Meow". He deeply praises him before being quieted since he was shouting, and Jiang encourages Cheng to take Xu's offer of the art exhibition.

Woken up by Chen in the morning, as they walk Jiang bolts across the road then instructs Chen to take Cheng back. Cheng breaks away and finds Jiang with blood trickling down his arm.