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This is the second episode of the Jie Yao (Antidote) anime. Cheng rents sister Qian's apartment, managed by Jiang, and he tries to adapt to his new life. Jiang invites him to eat before learning that members of his gang have been kidnapped.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


Xiao watches apprehensively at Cheng and Jiang glaring at one another before seeing to the contract for the apartment Cheng wants to rent. Jiang offers his number to Cheng again and unsure of what Cheng is playing at, he assures him he can still back out of the contract now if he wants.

As Jiang and Chen discuss sister Qian's apartment being rented, by the guy they met yesterday, they come across Cheng in a supermarket. Arriving home, Cheng calls Jiang for help with turning the water heater on but not with how to make instant noodles. Heading out he sees Jiang in the elevator with a head injury, who uses the first aid kit in Cheng's apartment.

Whilst Cheng walks, he finds his brother flanked by two accomplices but declines his invitation to lunch. Spotting Jiang move through the crowd with his entourage, Cheng conforms in his mind that Jiang is a gang leader and accepts his invitation to eat together instead.

Xu joins them, and is also introduced to Ah-Liang and Da Bing. Afterwards, Jiang hears the truth that his gang members are departing since Shou Hou was at Ba Pie's garage who has not got his wage in two months. With hostages taken, they head to Ba Pie's garage as Cheng is ordered home.

Speaking with Liu, Cheng discusses his brother and the new company he keeps. Jiang finds Chen captured and frees him by physically beating his captors.