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Chapter 1: Falling Dust is the title of Episode 1 of the Jie Yao (Antidote) anime. Jiang comes across Cheng who searches for his own place to stay. After declining help from several people, Cheng rents an apartment to find that Jiang is the one managing it.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


Preparing food, Jiang is told to take the trash out. By evening Cheng stands outside and is repulsed by the open trash can and kicks it over. Jiang hits him and they begin a scuffle.

Chen arrives and hands the baseball bat he is carrying to Jiang, who uses to find a kitten hiding in the trash. Throwing a hu koi to Cheng, Jiang says he does not think he has seen him around here before. He offers his card, a phone number written on a scrap of paper, and says to call him if he needs help.

As Cheng leaves, Jiang instructs Chen to follow him, not for robbing purposes though. Noticing he is being followed, Cheng confronts him demanding to know why. Asking to see his phone, he waits as Jiang arrives to give his since he has unlimited data. He calls Liu but receives no reply, then sees on Jiang’s phone a call from Xu.

Walking away, Jiang questions whether a thank you is enough, and Cheng throws his watch to him under the impressions he wanted that. Arriving at an X10 building, Cheng receives a key president Xu had waiting for him and within his room remembers his past that led up to this point and how he has to rely on himself.

In the morning Cheng thanks Xu for having him, then is approached by his brother but declines his help. Cheng receives Xiao's help in acquiring an apartment to rent. Desiring to sign the contract to move in, he sees the landlord arrive and it is Jiang.