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Da Bing is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. He is a member of Jiang Yu's gang.


He is stated to be a take out deliverer.


Da Bing is walking with Jiang as they enter a restaurant where Cheng is invited as well. Along with Ah-Liang, they show awe at being told to address Cheng by his name. He is introduced by Chen to Xu when he arrives.

After dining with Xu as well, he receives a call and tells third bro, Jiang, that brother Qing wants him to bring something. Explaining that Shou has gone to Ba Pie's garage since he has not been paid in two months, he has in fact been captured. He joins Jiang in rescuing those captured including Chen.


Acting aloof when he was blowing bubblegum bubbles through the streets, he was also friendly to those that Jiang was to.


His medium length dark blue hair is styled upward on his head with the right part of his fringe worn downwards. Da Bing wears a white T-shirt with the right sleeve rolled up to his shoulder, and a red band design on the left short sleeve.


Jiang YuDuo[]

Addressing him as third bro, Jiang is the leader of the gang that he is a part of. He shows concern for him when he intended to physically fight to free hostages.

Cheng Ke[]

Meeting him, he pours him tea as they dine together in a restaurant after Jiang invited him.

Chen Qing[]

A member of the gang who he was aware had been kidnapped., Da Bing is introduced by him to Xu.

Liu TianCheng[]

Xu Ding[]

One of Cheng's business friends who joins them to eat.

Xiao Zhang[]


He elects to bring him with the errand involving Qing, rather than tell Jiang about it.

Cheng Yi[]

Shou Hou[]

Hearing that Shou Hou was at Ba Pie's garage, he answered the message to meet him there.

Ba Pie[]

An opposing gang rival.