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Cheng Yi is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. He is the younger brother of Cheng Ke.


He was present when Cheng Ke was evicted from the family house.


Cheng has his driver stop the car when he sees Ke, stating he came over as soon as he got Xu’s call. Telling him to come home, he would like to help however he can, sniggering as he says so. He then offers to find some time and he will send over his stuff, that his computer and sand art board are things he needs everyday. Explaining that money is something Ke needs to think about now, he hopes he can make it on his own, not relying on family.

Finding Ke again, he remarks it is the first time he has seen him so mature.

Accompanied with two friends, he invites Ke to dinner with them. He smirks as his offer is declined as Cheng heads into the restaurant with Jiang and his gang entourage instead.

Within his car, he notices Ke walking into his apartment complex but does not contact him.

Turning up at the art exhibition where Cheng Ke is featuring his works, Cheng Yi finds Jiang outside. Smirking, he asks whether his brother could not get him in and that if Cheng Ke were willing, getting someone in is not hard. Raising Cheng Ke associating with what he terms people like Jiang, Cheng Yi is surprised his brother would become friends with him. With Xu arriving, Cheng Yi decides that he does not want to enter the exhibition after all and leaves.[1]

With his mother Cheng repeatedly rings the doorbell to Cheng Ke's. Seeing Jiang there he smugly adds that Jiang attended Cheng Ke's art performance when his mother asks about him. Backing up what his mother desires, after glancing towards Jiang he states that Cheng Ke should return home. After obediently admitting to their father that Cheng Ke was wrong.[2]


Although he told his father not to be so rash as he ordered Ke to leave, and he offers to help his brother, unintentional or not, it comes across as condescending.


He has unkept dark hair and wears glasses, some in various colors like violet. For clothing he is seen wearing a white suit jacket over a black shirt with a green tie.


Jiang YuDuo[]

Cheng Ke[]

His elder brother who he offers help to and takes to watching his activities.

Chen Qing[]

Liu TianCheng[]

Xu Ding[]

Through some communication, Xu had heard Yi had transferred a bar for Ke to manage, and that Ke had been kicked out of the house.

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