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Cheng Ke and Cheng Yi's mother is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime.


At some point she met her husband and Cheng Ke and Cheng Yi as children.


Along with Cheng Yi she visits Cheng Ke's apartment and is somewhat alarmed to see the bandage on his face. Noticing Jiang YuDuo there she asks who he is. She is pleased to hear that he is taking good care of Cheng before she raises the injuries he also has. Addressing Cheng she mentions him leaving and the lack of contact. After requesting that he return home and with Cheng not complying she reluctantly accepts he has made his decision.[1]


Expressing concern for Cheng's injury she also said she was worried for him leaving home and losing weight. After tiptoeing around a subject she would ask what was on her mind regarding whether Cheng was in a bad situation. Then she would address another concerning and earnestly press her son to return home with her.


Described as a beauty by Jiang she has long hair.


Cheng Ke[]

Visiting her son she describes him as having always been an understanding child. Wanting him to return home she also asks why he is stubborn for not doing so. She asks that he promise to take good care of himself.