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Cheng Ke is a character in the Jie Yao (Antidote) light novel and anime. He announces himself as Jiang Yu's head law enforcer and is usually available to help his third bro.


He offers general protection to Jiang and often forgets people's names. Chen works at a car detailing shop and is capable of driving. Younger Chen says he was always bullied by anyone who was bigger than him and that they would gang up as well. One day a pair of boys used some rope to tie a large boulder to Chen before pushing him into the river.


Chen emerges from a car to point a baseball bat at Cheng and asks how he dares fight third bro. Handing Jiang the bat, he is delighted to find the kitten in the trash and cuddles it with joy.

Though keen to rob Cheng of his watch, he complies with the order just to follow him, leaping behind a bush at one point to evade detection. Caught, he makes some attempt at an excuse, sheepishly asking whether Cheng is here to get dinner as well.

Introducing who he is, with Cheng needing his phone he replies his data is almost out and how about he borrows third bro’s instead. Calling him, he whispers that Ji Jia, referring to Cheng by the brand of his wristwatch, is right next to him. Chen plays a game on his phone as he waits for Jiang's arrival.[1]

He remembers Cheng by his nickname "Ji Jia" when he comes across him in the apartment he would like to rent. Driving, he asks Jiang if after they finish sister Qian's stuff on whether they are still going to the supermarket. He then raises that the person they met yesterday has rented Qian's apartment and why someone so wealthy would be going through trash bins. Along with Jiang, he monitors Cheng at the supermarket when they find him there as well.

Walking with Jiang along with fellow gang members Ah-Liang and Da Bing, they come across Cheng who sees=ms to be looking uncomfortable with someone and invites him to dine with them at a restaurant. He menaces people away to gain their table before meeting Cheng's friend Xu, before receiving a call and excusing himself. Chen is rescued from Ba Pie's kidnapping by Jiang.[2]

Arriving with him, he informs Cheng that all of sister Qian's rented properties are managed by Jiang as he amends a water faucet in the apartment.

Waking Cheng after he spent the night at Jiang's, he states that the sun is about to bake his butt and breakfast is getting cold. As he walks with his arm draped over Cheng, telling him about the draw and guess he used to do as a kid he holds Cheng back on Jiang's orders who has ran across the road. With Cheng freeing himself, he catches up to Jiang to find blood dripping down his arm.[3]

He calls Jiang in the morning and discusses breakfast.[4] Chen is waiting in a car when Cheng and Jiang enter and agrees with the former that they need to take Jiang to hospital after the fight with Ba Pie. After helping to carry him he Chen thinks how Cheng managed to calm Jiang down and wonders if it is some kind of magic.[5] Calling Jiang's phone and getting through to Cheng, Chen answers that he is coming over after hearing that they fought. Fanning Jiang and asking Cheng if he is all right Chen states that Jiang mistook Cheng for someone else and has not done that in years. Having also experienced such an incident Chen outs it down to Jiang always being on edge.[6]


Blushing, he was affectionate towards cats. Assuming that Jiang wanted him to follow Cheng to rob him, he was willing to do it, in one hit as well. He appeared quite perplexed at being noticed when he was following Cheng, believing to have hidden himself flawlessly. Overall he often acted flummoxed but was loyal to those close to him. Similarly Chen would latch on to what he thought a matter was. When Cheng questioned if Jiang had any psychological issues he heard that as Cheng stating that Jiang was crazy. Not listening to what Cheng's point was Chen continued to talk at length at how long he had known Jiang for and how Jiang calls Cheng his friend, has protected him all this time but Cheng looks at Jiang like that.


He has yellow hair on top with a trimmed area on his chin. The sides of his head are shaved and is darker in coloration. Chen's short eyebrows are the same coloration as the top of his hair, and he has particularly small blue eyes. For clothing he wears a white floral print on an orange shirt that he wears open, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.


Jiang YuDuo[]

Addressing Jiang YuDuo as third bro, he follows his orders and asks for permission to be excused. He loved playing draw and guess with Jiang when they were kids. Stating that his life was saved by him Chen describes Jiang as a smart and careful guy. His second favourite thing about Jiang was that he could hold his breath underwater for so long. Consistently speaking highly of him Chen describes Jiang as the best boss he has ever met.

Cheng Ke[]

Initially viewing Cheng Ke as a belligerent to Jiang, he told Cheng does not have time to deal with him right now but if he did he would be finished. Chen suggested he takes third bro’s card, that he always backs it up. He was surprised Cheng could figure him out when he is confronted on following him. Not knowing his name, he refers to him as Ji Jia, as he remembers his make of watch.

Liu TianCheng[]

Xu Ding[]

A friend of Cheng's who he introduces members of his gang to.

Xiao Zhang[]

An estate agent he comes across whilst visiting an apartment with Jiang.


A fellow gang member.

Da Bing[]

Another gang member.

Cheng Yi[]

Shou Hou[]

Ba Pie[]


Saying that his mother is allergic to cats it is implied that he lives with her as well.