Jie-Yao (Antidote) Wiki

Antidote, also known as Jiě yào is the name of the opening theme for the Jie Yao anime. It is played along with the animation opening that occurs before each episode.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  • Jiang YuDuo
  • Chen Qing
  • Cheng Ke
  • Xu Ding
  • Cheng Yi

Opening animation[]

A kitten rolls beside then runs under large clock gears. In a housing setting Jiang is walking before turning to see Chen. Cheng Ke is sat at a table outside a restaurant using a tablet before looking up. Jiang and Chen face members of an opposing gang at which point the song lyrics begin playing. Whilst Jiang is running, Cheng is walking as snow begins to fall. A clenched fist causes glass to fracture, and Jiang runs through a neighbourhood with an unnatural red sky overhead. He tries to assail a shadowy doppelgänger which avoids his punches. Cheng contemplates a drink, Xu Ding is stood in an office. Cheng stands as large manifestations of his father and brother, Cheng Yi loom over him. At night Jiang sits outside a restaurant drinking as Chen has his face down on the table. By day Xu is on the phone outside near a 'frost' store as a selfie is taken. Cheng Ke steps outside to see a kitten and following it he comes face to face with Jiang. They notice and are surprised by one another where they stand as the alley fades and is replaced by a large pocket watch with the hour hand at the top, and the minute hand two sections clockwise. This is situated within the clock gears that resemble a heart shape before the anime logo appears.